4-H Online is the official enrollment database of Ohio 4-H. All 4-H member and volunteer enrollments must be entered into the 4-H Online enrollment system (oh.4honline.com). 

No paper enrollment forms are required or accepted. Youth and their parents should complete member enrollments, as they require electronic signatures providing legal consent for participation and serve as the official project enrollment record of the child. Volunteers are encouraged to provide assistance, but should not complete an enrollment for a child outside their own family.

Enrollments can be entered beginning February 15. 

Enrollments must be entered by the April 1 enrollment deadline and include club and project enrollment in order to participate in judging and exhibit at the county fair.

Families are strongly encouraged to submit enrollments well before the deadline in case there are issues in completing the process.



1) If NO members of your family have been enrolled in 4-H before, complete this online request form: go.osu.edu/newfamily. Our office will set up your Family Account in the 4-H Online enrollment database. Once your family is set up, you will be contacted via e-mail by Debbie Dunn (dunn.257@osu.edu) with instructions to complete the enrollment process. 

2) Download the 4-H Family Re-Enrollment Guide if your family has previously used 4-H Online to enroll youth and/or approved adult 4-H volunteers. 

Important: 4-H Family Update e-mails and communications from the office are sent to e-mail addresses entered in the 4-H Online enrollment system. Please use e-mail addresses that are checked regularly so you receive the most up to date information. 

If you have questions about enrollment, please contact the Extension Office via phone (740-454-0144) or e-mail (Debbie Dunn, dunn.257@osu.edu or Jamie McConnell, mcconnell.210@osu.edu).