The following information can be found on the Junior Fair Forms & Documents page:

  • Junior Fair Rules
  • Market Steer Weigh-In Information
  • Livestock Entry Forms
  • Livestock Sale Information

Quality Assurance

Livestock Quality Assurance (QA) Certification is required for all youth exhibiting a market animal, dairy cow or dairy goat project at the Muskingum County Fair.

Certification can be obtained in three ways:

1) Youth can participate in an QA program provided by OSU Extension.

2021 dates have not been set.

  • Youth may attend any QA regardless of the animal they are exhibiting.
  • Parent attendance is not required, but encouraged for QA Programs.
  • Youth should plan to arrive early, as youth will not receive credit for attending if they arrive more than 10 minutes after the program starts. Youth must complete and submit the attendance card at the end to receive credit.

2) Complete the Youth for the Quality Care for Animals (YQCA) Online Course.

Youth must be 12 years or older as of January 1 to utilize this option. The online module completed must be for the correct 4-H age.

Only the YQCA courses currently meet ODA standards. BQA, PQA, BEST and other online programs do not meet this requirement.

Families use their 4HOnline log in to complete the course. The cost is $12 per youth.

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Online Course Instructions - For 2020 ONLY, Youth ages 8-18 can complete YQCA for Quality Assurance certification.

3) Youth can participate in the test out option.

All youth 12-14 years of age (4-H age) may take a QA test designed for their age group. If they pass the test with a score of 70% or greater, the youth will be certified in QA until they turn 15 years old.

All youth 15-18 years of age (4-H age) may take a QA test designed for their age group. If they pass the test with a score of 70% or greater, the youth will be certified in QA for the remainder of their Junior Fair years.

Youth are only permitted to take one test per calendar year. If a youth does not pass the QA test, they will be required to attend a QA program to gain certification.

2021 QA Test Out Study Guide

Horse Education Programs

All youth enrolled in a horse project (except #173 Horseless Horse) must completed the Muskingum County Horse Education Program.

All youth planning to exhibit a horse at the Muskingum County Fair must complete the Muskingum County Horse Education Program.

All first-time horse project participants and their parents must read 191R Horses, Safety and You prior to attending the program. Books are available for purchase by club volunteers at the Extension Office for $6.

2021 dates have not been set.

Livestock Skillathon

For information on Skillathon requirements, check in the Muskingum County 4-H Owner's Manual.

Skillathon Score Sheet Sample

FFA Record Book Download Instructions

Downloadable Study Kits

The downloadable study kits are available to 4-H/FFA members in Muskingum County. A link will be sent via e-mail by June 1 each year.

Goat Resources

Harness Goat Project Supplement
Pack Goat Project Supplement

Horse Resources

2021 Information - Organizational Club Volunteers with Horse Project Participants
2021 Information - Horse Project Participants

174 Beginning Horse Management Record Pages - Can be used if member is taking project multiple years and has filled out pages in the book. Current year records are required for Skillathon. 

PAS Show Information

2021 PAS Show Information - June 19, 2021, Muskingum County Fairgrounds

If you are a youth from another county planning to participate in the Muskingum County PAS Show, please submit the following information documents and $10.00 per class (payable to Muskingum County 4-H Saddle Horse Committee) by June 16, 2021:
Out of County PAS Form
Horse ID Form
Photo of horse attached to Horse ID Form

Poultry Resources

Ohio 4-H Poultry Printable Resource
Deciding What 4-H Poultry Project to Take

Sheep Resources

Sheep Breeds - Identifying Meat/Wool Type