Announcements - April 28, 2021

Find details and updated guidelines at Ohio 4-H Planning Guide for In-Person Meetings & Events. Ohio 4-H continues to adjust guidelines as appropriate, and is relying on 4-H professionals, clubs, volunteers, parents and members to follow these guidelines so that activities continue to take place in person. 

Information effective April 26, 2021 includes:

  • Club meetings and events can meet in larger groups than the previous limit of 50, as long as they can maintain physical distance, wear masks and practice good hand hygiene.
  • Fundraisers and community service activities may now take place. These events need to follow physical distancing, masking, and sanitizing guidance.
    • Food booths are permitted with local health department approval.
    • For other fundraisers involving food, food must be pre-packaged and dine-in events are not permitted.
    • Follow your local health department guidelines as they take precedence.
  • Face masks are required.
    • This includes inside AND outside at all times.
    • Program participants ages five and older, and parent/guardians must wear a mask.
    • Two exceptions to the face mask requirement relate to shooting sports and equine activities. Refer to the sections below on additional guidance for horse activities and shooting.
    • Medical conditions or disability exceptions are also permitted.
  • Potlucks and buffets are not permitted. Only pre-packaged food (e.g., boxed lunches) may be served.

In addition to the guidance from the Ohio Department of Health, county and city health departments may release local health advisories limiting activities or encouraging additional caution. When a local health advisory is in effect, 4-H club meetings and activities must follow that guidance when it is more restrictive than these guidelines.

Additional Guidance from the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department:

  • For indoor meetings, do not exceed 25% capacity of the room you are utilizing. Outdoor meetings are strongly recommended.
  • Meetings of more than 10 people should be split into smaller groups/pods of no more than 10 people per pod, with 6 feet or more separation between pods. Individuals living in the same household should be in the same pod. 
  • Try not to share supplies during meetings and activities. 
  • Please limit food or snacks so that masks can remain on during most of the meeting. 


Beginning January 19, OSU Extension-Muskingum County will resume limited office hours BY APPOINTMENT on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m.-12 noon and 2 p.m.-4 p.m. 


4-H Club Fund Raising and Community Service Guidance

Please review the document below for guidance when planning 4-H club fund raisers or service project. The Ohio 4-H Planning Guide listed above is still in effect.

4-H Club Fund Raising and Community Service Guidance - effective October 8, 2020

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