General Resources

2021 4-H Community Club Organizational Information Packet

Includes: Important Dates, Community Club Guidelines, 4-H Finances and Fundraising Guidelines, Food Service, Making Sense of Project Book Ordering

Starting a New 4-H Club

If you are interested in starting a new 4-H club, please contact the Extension Office for assistance.

Club Officer Resources

Club Officer Handbooks & Training Videos

Club Forms

Due January 31

Club Participation Sheet - This form documents club activities for the previous year and serves as the way to submit for Honor Club status. Not required to be completed for the 2020 program year and turned in January 31, 2021. A revised version will be used for the 2021 program year.

Ohio 4-H Club Financial Summary Form & Year-End Bank Statement - The organizational volunteer from each club will receive an individualized link via e-mail to complete the Club Financial Summary. Do not forward this e-mail to volunteers outside your club. Clubs will also be required to submit a Year-End Bank Statement with this form. This final bank statement should include activity through December 31. The balance should match the year-end balance on the Club Financial Summary.

Due February 15

4-H Membership Across County Lines Request - The request form must be completed by any youth requesting 4-H membership in Muskingum County when their primary residence is located in another county. Once granted, the permission for membership across county lines shall be permanent and stable for the duration of the youth’s 4-H membership. If the youth’s circumstances change (e.g., residence, school, or custody), the cross county lines membership can be reevaluated. Be sure to review the policy: 4-H Membership Across County Lines Policy. Find the request form online:

Due April 15

Club Information & 4-H Club Charter Survey - The organizational volunteer from each club will receive an individualized link via e-mail to submit this information. Do not forward this e-mail to volunteers outside your club. The following information will be submitted through this survey:

  • Club Information: Organizational volunteer information, club meeting details, club officer list.                       
  • 4-H Club Charter: National 4-H and Ohio 4-H Youth Development require that all clubs be chartered.
  • Club Calendar/Program: This document can be in any format and should include club meeting dates.
  • By-laws: Club By-laws are optional, but strongly encouraged, as they provide clubs the opportunity to make   guidelines specific to their club. If a club has by-laws, they need to be reviewed and adopted annually. Clubs are  encouraged to provide a copy to each member. Organizational volunteers should keep a copy signed by all members and submit a copy to the Extension Office. Sample: Ohio 4-H Club By-laws Template
  • Club Constitution: 4-H Club Constitutions should be reviewed annually by current club members. Clubs must use the 4-H Club Constitution provided by Ohio 4-H, which is available in a fillable form on our website. Only new 4-H clubs will be required to submit a copy of the Club Constitution. Use this document: Ohio 4-H Club Constitution.
  • EIN Documents for New Clubs Only: Copy of IRS Determination Letter, Tax Exempt Authorization FormBlanket Exemption Form


  • Winning 4-H Plan Requests - The Winning 4-H Plan enables youth to tailor the 4-H experience to their needs and helps maintain a positive relationship between the youth’s family, 4-H volunteers, and the county 4-H professionals.  Members who have previously submitted a request form do not need to submit again. Please contact the Extension Office directly to request  changes for the current year. If no changes are requested, accommodations will be listed as they were the previous year. Access the form:
Due July 31
  • Incomplete Member & Volunteer Form: The organizational volunteer from each club will receive an individualized link via e-mail to submit this information. All clubs must submit this form in order to receive the pre-fair packet, even if it is just to indicate that no members and volunteers are incomplete. Pre-fair packets are available August 1.
Due December 31
  • Club Reorganization Survey: The organizational volunteer from each club will receive an individualized link via\ e-mail to submit this information. Clubs will be asked to share information about their status for the next program  year.
Forms for Club Files

Ohio 4-H Participant/Member Health History Form
Waiver and Permission to Transport Child/Charge Form

Applying for an EIN Number

Step-by-step guide to completing the SS-4 Form for a New EIN

Tax Exempt Group Authorization Form

Blanket Exemption Form

Disbanding a Club

Club Disbanding Checklist