The 4-H Committee serves as an advisory committee for the 4-H program and assists with county-wide 4-H programs like the 4-H Kick-Off, Volunteer Recognition Banquet, Older Youth Opportunities Interviews and Club/Committee Audits.

The committee meets five times per year, on the first Monday of February, April, July, October and December.

Adult members apply and are selected to serve a three year term by the committee members. Adult members are selected to represent a geographical area of the county based upon where their 4-H club meets. Three at-large members are also selected from any area of the county. 

Youth members are Junior Leaders elected to a one year term by the club's membership. 


4-H Committee Application


2020 4-H Committee Officers

President - Kristen Mattox

Vice President - Rob Schilling

Treasurer - BJ Fox

Secretary - Stephanie Hill


2020 4-H Committee Members

Area I

  • Pam Mitchell
  • Kristin Mattox
  • Addy Weck

Area II

  • Heather Dingey
  • Kylene Newman
  • Rob Schilling

Area III

  • Stephanie Hill
  • Patsy Hinkle
  • Shayna Moore

Area IV

  • Amy Embrey
  • BJ Fox
  • Sherry Wilkins


  • Jenny Davis
  • Christy McCandlish
  • Andrea Wince-Wiseman

Youth Representantives

  • Sydney Hill
  • Tom Mozena
  • Cole Schilling